1 November 2016

the 'Room', Z33 Hasselt

photo Kristof Vrancken

The work ‘the Room’ has different performative stages. In the first stage, students in painting and decorative techniques from KTA2 Hasselt and myself, painted the exhibition room in a marble imitation technique.  The second step was to overnight in the room, while our sleeping sounds were recorded. A live music performance in the marbled space with the sleeping sounds composed by Maja Jantar, was a next event. 

12 April 2016

'the contract'

with Bert De Leenheer, Dirk Vanhecke, Sven Van Huffel, Anthony Broeckhove, Anthony Paris, Maxim Lambrecht. Scenario: Robrecht Vanderbeeken

21 August 2015

Pilootproject Tondelier (long-term project) phase 1

phase 1:

a/ maquette / documents

fig. a



28 March 2015

Netwerk Aalst: Ideologie AUB! Een denkmodel / Ideology Please! A Thinking Model

photo Tomas Uyttendaele

Ideologie AUB! Een denkmodel
Ideology Please! A Thinking Model

A Bookcase Aalst

performance in collaboration with KTA De Voorstad
photo Tomas Uyttendaele

15 February 2015

27 November 2014

Six Stories - A thinking Model

The Belgian artist Stijn Van Dorpe hosts an evening at Studiolo, during which he introduces his practice in general, as well as some research interests he is focusing on during his residency at KW Institute for Contemporary Art. Stijn Van Dorpeʼs work investigates the interrelation between the art space and our current social world. His interests follow aesthetic frameworks which are embedded in capitalist society; He interrogates the meaning of contemporary creative production and tries to keep paths open to new potential points of view.

This intimate lecture performance will contextualize his approach and practice though 6 stories that are composed of his own materials, external sources, and analyses of former performances.

Thursday 27-11- 2014
Kunst - Werke Berlin / studiolo

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15 November 2014

A Bookcase (Hotel Charleroi 2014)

with MCG, Egdio Quelina and Romain Peeters 
photo Tomas Uyttendaele

'A Bookcase Charleroi' (filmmontage in collaboration with Bas Schevers) (2014 - 2015)